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These are the top football players that will be draft eligible in 2010, from the biggest state universities to the smallest colleges. We can include over 300 programs from major schools like University of Florida to smaller schools like the University of Richmond, Minnesota Duluth and Mount Union College. These prospects are loosely ranked, as it's still very in early in the draft process for the young athletes and their draft stock will fluctuate. Check back frequently, as we intend to update these rankings often.

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Bryan Bulaga ~ University of Iowa

Bruce Campbell ~ University of Maryland

Nate Solder ~ University of Colorado

Anthony Davis ~ University of Rutgers

Gabe Carimi ~ University of Wisconsin

Kyle Hix ~ University of Texas

Lee Ziemba ~ University of Auburn

Anthony Castonzo ~ Boston College

Joseph Barksdale ~ Louisiana State University

Chris Hairston ~ Clemson University

Marcus Cannon ~ Texas Christian University

Danny Watkins ~ Baylor University

Jarriel King ~ University of South Carolina

Jason Pinkston ~ University of Pittsburgh

Derek Sherrod ~ Mississippi State University

Pete Hendricks ~ Tulane University

Ben Lamaak ~ Iowa State University

Butch Lewis ~ University of Southern California

Jaivorio Burkes ~ University of Nebraska

Benjamin Ijalana ~ Villanova University

Rich Lapham ~ Boston College

Perry Dorrestein ~ University of Michigan

Clint Boling ~ University of Georgia

Reilly Lauer ~ Vanderbilt University

Jake Vermiglio ~ North Carolina State University

Cory Brandon ~ University of Oklahoma

Mark Tos ~ University of California-Davis

Tray Allen ~ University of Texas

Rob McGill ~ Louisiana Tech

Matt Murphy ~ University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Cody Habben ~ University of Washington

Mike Smith ~ University of Nebraska

Dominic Alford ~ University of Minnesota

D.J. Scott ~ East Carolina University

Micah Hannam ~ Washington State University

Jon Hargis ~ Arizona State University

Ray Dominguez ~ University of Arkansas

Derek Dennis ~ Temple University

David Arkin ~ Missouri State University

Mike Gallett ~ University of Nevada-Reno

Lucas Patterson ~ Texas A&M University (Ex-DT)


Rodney Hudson ~ Florida State University

Mike Pouncey ~ University of Florida

Stephen Schilling ~ University of Michigan

Justin Boren ~ Ohio State University

Thomas Claiborne ~ Boston College

Caleb Schlauderaff ~ University of Utah

Carl Johnson ~ University of Florida (OT)

Orlando Franklin ~ University of Miami-Florida (OT)

Zach Heberer ~ University of Southern California

C.E. Kaiser ~ University of Oregon (OT)

Heath Batchelor ~ University of South Carolina

Rod Huntley ~ University of Texas-El Paso

Jon Bender ~ University of Nevada-Reno

Julian Vandervelde ~ University of Iowa

Chris Stewart ~ University of Notre Dame

Michael Huey ~ University of Texas

B.J. Cabbell ~ University of Virginia

Demarcus Love ~ University of Arkansas (OT)

Joel Figueroa ~ University of Miami

Michael Switzer ~ Ball State University

Phillip Swanson ~ Wes tern Michigan University

Zach Hermann ~ University of South Florida

Conan Amituanai ~ University of Arizona

David Arkin ~ Missouri State University

Ryan Bartholomew ~ Syracuse University

Darius Savage ~ University of California-Los Angeles

Maurice Hurt ~ University of Florida

D.J. Burris ~ University of Minnesota

Will Rackley ~ Lehigh University (OT)

Jovon Hayes ~ University of Arizona

Josh Evans ~ Fairmont State

Jamal Lewis ~ Middle Tennessee University


Kris O'Dowd ~ University of Southern California

Stefen Wisniewski ~ Penn State University

Maurkice Pouncey ~ University of Florida

Ryan McMahon ~ Florida State University

Chris Davis ~ University of Georgia

Ryan Pugh ~ Auburn University (OT)

Tim Barnes ~ University of Missouri

John Moffitt ~ University of Wisconsin

Dan Wenger ~ University of Notre Dame

Zane Taylor ~ University of Utah

Jim McKenzie ~ Syracuse University

Colin Baxter ~ University of Arizona

Ryan Tolar ~ University of Washington

Wade Grayson ~ University of Arkansas

Alex Linnenkohl ~ Oregon State University

Eric Davis ~ Eastern Michigan University

Chris Guarnero ~ University of California-Berkeley

Alex Perry ~ University of Indiana

Jack Shields ~ University of Virginia

Joe Bernardi ~ Fresno State

Colin Miller ~ Central Michigan University

Beau Warren ~ Virginia Tech University

Kai Maiava ~ University of California-Los Angeles

Andrew Nierman ~ Tulane University

Bryan Morgan ~ Duke University

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