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last updated: 03/01/17
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\par \par As fans of the site have noticed, the Draft Daddy blog has not been active recently. We are currently suspending blog activities until further notice.

\par \par The reason for this outage was technical difficulties, but taking time away from the blog, we have decided that this is a good time to put it on the shelf.

\par \par When we first started this blog almost 15 years ago, there was no Twitter or Reddit. There were only a handful of draft sites, not the hundreds there are now, and our purpose was to find the best news stories on the internet and present a curated batch of links daily for the loyal community of scouts, agents, front office personnel and hardcore draft fans who took the time to bookmark our site. However now people get their news from social media (and we do it too, see our Twitter "Hall Of Fame").

\par \par When we first started this blog there also were no ad blockers. We never accepted subscription or any fee for our site, instead relying purely on ads to support the site. We have always been a free site. However, with the dawn of ad blockers, our revenue has shrunk to tiny levels. The death blow has come recently as Google has shut down our ability to sell links directly. Without those streams of income, it becomes impossible for the site to break even.

\par \par We are reluctant to call this goodbye as the site will still exist and provide new mock drafts for the duration of the draft season. However, we have yet to make permanent plans for the return of the draft blog (but we aren't ruling anything out). We are currently re-evaluating this site for the future.

\par \par Thank you so much to the fans, the families of these prospects, to the friends of the site, who have helped us along the way. We all love the draft as much as anyone and perhaps it is a sign that this is all happening the year the draft moves to Philadelphia, the city in which the DD servers reside. This year we plan to just enjoy the draft as fans. Whatever the future holds, the last fifteen years have been amazing.

\par \par All the best,

\par -Matt Bitonti & Chris Caple

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last updated: 02/05/17
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With help from pro evaluators, Bleacher Report's lead draft writer looks at several risers and much more: Scouting Notebook.

\par ***\par

With input from scouts, SBNation looks at the N.F.L. potential of Cal star Davis Webb, as well as rising receiver Chad Hansen.

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last updated: 02/03/17
\par ***\par \par

Closer look at the N.F.L. potential of Florida linebacker Alex Anzalone, who's projected as second or third-round selection.

\par ***\par

Anonymous N.F.L. scouts reportedly divided about Deshaun Watson and much more draft news: NFL.com Move The Sticks.

\par ***\par

Oklahoma tailback Joe Mixon and Baylor wide receiver Ishmael Zamora Not on List of Invitees to N.F.L. scouting combine.

\par **\par

last updated: 02/02/17
\par ***\par

Anonymous N.F.L. scout thinks Corey Davis will be better than Mike Williams and more notes: NFL.com Sources Tell Us.

\par ***\par

N.F.L. evaluators talk about polarizing prospect Joe Mixon, plus draft Senior Bowl risers and much more: SI.com MMQB.

\par ***\par

Tampa.com in-depth Q&A with ex-U.S.C. defensive tackle Stevie Tu'ikolovatu, who patterns his game after Vince Wilfork.

\par ***\par
last updated: 02/01/17
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Kansas State's Jordan Willis, Temple's Haason Reddick on Bleacher Report writer's list: Post Senior Bowl Risers & Fallers.

\par ***\par

NFL.com polled five anonymous executives: Which N.F.L. team is the best fit for Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson?

\par ***\par

Tampa.com's in-depth Q&A with safety Lorenzo Jerome, who earned a Senior Bowl invite after winning NFLPA Game MVP.

\par ***\par

Florida State running back Dalvin Cook is selected 14th overall by Indianapolis Colts in this updated Four Round Mock Draft.

\par ***\par

With help from N.F.L. scouts, Bleacher Report takes in-depth look at potential of Eastern Washington receiver Copper Kupp.

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